Got holes in your photographic technique?
In a creative dry spell?
Lightroom or Photoshop got you frustrated?

Maybe it's time to add some joy back
into your photography.

No worries, we'll help you.

Let us have your back.



Sure your friends and family like your photography but you’re looking for someone to push you, teach you new skills and give you real, honest feedback.  We start each mentorship by finding out where you truly are and then tailor your sessions and assignments to building skills and shaping your vision.  Your growth is our goal and you’ll be amazed by what is achieved when the only focus is on you.  For 6 months you’ll have someone guiding your journey, celebrating your successes and challenging you to push further.

You’re unique and so are your needs.  While a bullet list of everything we do may seem in order at this point, it wouldn’t be us.  We tailor mentorships to your needs…and what works for others may not be what’s right for you.  What we can tell you is that each mentorship begins with a portfolio review to assess your strengths (yippee) and weaknesses (you’ve got ‘em and we like you anyway).  We’ll meet up to eight times over the 6 months and will be giving you regular (diabolical) assignments which target your growth and that will turn you into a more confident and creative artist.  You set the goal and we’ll take aim.



Got just a few things you need help with?


Want to learn lighting for simple portraiture?  Need to learn exposure on location?  Does your flash have you confused? Tony or Tim can help fill in gaps or build new skills.

For many, working one-on-one or in a small group is the best way to learn.  Got something new you want to master?  Want to be guided through concepts with an instructor by your side?  You choose the topics, the instructor and the location and we’ll provide the instruction.

For a simple day rate plus expenses you’ll have a photographic mentor helping you navigate those tricky concepts that are between you and your next breakthrough.  Contact us to find out more about personal instruction.

(Price is for one day of instruction with one instructor and up to three students)