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Mentoring is for those craving serious growth. You’re sick and tired of being sick and tired of your images and you’ve reached a plateau. You just want answers. You want someone you can trust who really “gets” you as a photographer and knows how to push you; someone who is compassionate, intuitive, and honest.  If this sounds like just what you need, read on.

Mentoring one on one with Tony is a pretty cool experience. Here's a good idea of what you are in for.
Tony's Approach

Imagine a conversation with a good friend that has purpose, meaning, and leaves you feeling energized and motivated to go after your goals and dreams. Guess what? This is what mentoring  feels like.

Who's it For?

Anyone can apply for our mentoring program. If you are serious and committed about becoming a better photographer and are ready to put your heart and soul into this experience, it could be for you.



First things first, when you’ve got someone who is invested in your work, your progress and your vision, it keeps you moving forward instead of chasing your tail and repeating bad habits. This process gives you purpose and holds you accountable to be photographing on a regular basis.  You get feedback on your work so you’re not creating in a vacuum. Start clarifying what it is you have to say as an artist and whether or not you’re communicating effectively.


Guess what? Tony is going to see all of your frames. Yep, every single one of them. Why?  Well, there is no better way to gain better insight into how you think, how you worked the scene, what you tried, what you didn’t try, or maybe what you should have tried a little bit longer. This information will help inform what path Tony will take you in your sessions together so you can reap the maximum benefit and quickly push past any hurdles you have.


Expert Feedback
Every session together is accomplished with the complete understanding of who you are and what you’re trying to achieve so feedback is very specific to you and your needs. What you learn and explore during your time together will not only serve you now, but will build a strong framework that will benefit you in the long run.

Tony is a gifted photography teacher and mentor; a rare gem in the world of photography. He meets you exactly where you’re at with your photography and takes you to levels you never dreamed were possible.

Nazli Nomanbhoy



Tony’s goal is solely to help you become the best version of you as a photographer. He will see you long before you see yourself in your work, threading together your current work with the qualities in the work you love and desire to emulate. Keeping you focused on what matters most is of the utmost importance. He will ask you the hard questions, help you to clarify your intent so your images are well received and clear. He will encourage you to play, take risks and to turn what was an unconscious process into something which is purposeful, effective, and that sparks joy.


You may think you know the rules of photography, or maybe you feel you don’t. Either way, we are really going to flip those traditional ideas and teach you a whole new process. The HERO process that is. You see, you need much more than rules, after all, if all those rules worked everyone would be a great photographer. You need to know what REALLY matters in a photograph so that your work is better than good. Your work is compelling. Your work matters.



Working together over a 6 month period of time will without a doubt get you to a new level if you are willing to put time and energy in on your end.  Once a month, meeting for a two hour block of time will allow you time to ask any questions you have and get feedback on recent work. You will be covering the technical parts and aesthetic parts of your photography. You will cover ever angle from creative techniques to style, personal vision as well as post processing to help enhance and define your personal portfolio of work.

As a mentor, Tony acts as an experienced guide and advisor. He’s helped me create stronger images. By seeing my work through Tony’s eyes, I’ve gained confidence in my artistic abilities. This mentoring program is one of the most valuable photography learning experience I’ve ever had.

Mary Ellen Bleeden
Why Mentoring works

“Tony has a gift for teaching and inspiring others to excel in their creative expression. He is deeply committed to his craft; playful, patient, inquisitive, inspiring, and kind…all the qualities I need in a Mentor. With Tony’s support, my world of photography has blossomed.

Melina Meza

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Mentoring begins at $4200

If you feel like mentoring with Tony is a good fit for you, take a few moments to fill out an application. A mentorship with Tony is a a 6 month process for those who are committed to learning and growing.

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Tony has a keen eye and a knack for assisting others in becoming better photographers. He is objective, critical and pushes you. I have been working with Tony for a year and this experience has totally changed how I photograph. No question is too complex or insignificant. This mentorship program has been the most worthwhile thing I have done to improve my photography!

Lisa Seguin