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Photography workshops the way they were meant to be.

Online mentoring with Tony moves you forward.

Go straight to the source. Join Tony one on one with your own personalized mentoring sessions, designed to help you become the photographer you are meant to be.

Small Group Workshops

A typical workshop allows 16 participants. We don’t, here’s why. Too many students showing up to a shooting location creates so many problems. Feeling like you need to compete over the best vantage point, having other students in your shots, and fighting for one on one time with your instructor isn’t our idea of a good time. We believe in always doing things the right way. For us, that is creating a space where you can make images you love and giving you the attention you deserve. We want you to have the space and time to make beautiful images, and then back you up with one on one time with Tony so you can learn and grow.

Why We're Different

We do things a little differently around here and it’s something we’re proud of. We went back to the drawing board this year, pulling together everything that makes a workshop successful and creating a new custom blend that we believe will serve you the best. Each workshop is a combination of our very popular Finding Focus workshops and our mentoring program. Small groups, but not so small the energy lags, one on one time to sit down with Tony and get feedback on your work, as well as group critiques so you don’t miss out on those learning opportunities. It’s focused, it’s fun, and we put you first so you go home a better photographer.

Who What and Why

If you have taken a workshop with Tony before, you already understand a PB workshop is much more than just showing up to a pretty location that someone has scouted. We don’t tell you what photographer you should be, we guide you become the photographer you want to be. We want you to take your own shots, not settle for a copy of someone else’s “been there, done that.” Every aspect of the workshop is built so Tony has time with you, understands your goals, and moves you forward both technically and creatively. This isn’t our first rodeo, and this is what a workshop experience should be.

Set your sights

It’s no biggie if you know where you want to go but you’re not quite sure how to get there. We’ll lead the way.

Real good people

We want encouraging, problem solving, heart centered people on these great adventures with us.

Let us be your true north

We do the research and scouting so you can go to the most dreamy locations possible to photograph.

We are world class workshops.

We are vision-driven, working to help you focus on what matters. Our workshops are designed to engage your creativity and help you capture wonderful things in ways that are truly you. We are here for the people that love photography and are ready and willing to show up for themselves.


Tony is not only a great instructor, but has the ability to help us all see, embrace and improve upon the skills we have as visual artists. The learning environment is always open, engaging and fun...which is why I and many others come back again and again.


Tony has an incredible gift for seeing your process and understanding your obstacles before you do. And, he conveys tools and approaches to allow you to elevate the magic in your images. So often, we are our own worst critic. Tony will help you “get out of your own way” so you can execute your vision.


Tony somehow knows what is "in" you and how to pull it out. Every step of the week was thoroughly researched and thoughtfully planned and the small size of the group allowed us great flexibility. I don't know if I have had a better teacher/mentor than Tony.


Tony has the unique ability to offer critical observations about your photos and really help you understand how to improve them. He doesn’t try to change your style. He embraces each participants individuality and pushes them to grow and learn. I highly recommend any of his workshops!


We craft beautiful experiences

We believe in taking the time to enjoy life. As photographers, it’s paramount to escape the every day once in a while and pursue what we love and hold dear. It’s important to us that we bring you to places that ignite and inspire you and frankly, inspire us too. When you combine the right people, the right places, and a caring instructor, there is no doubt, magic will happen.

Unlimited Potential

We believe that anything is possible to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.  We welcome photographers at all ages and all stages and always will. The most important thing is that you love to learn, are open and willing to try new things, and are a great listener. You’re the spark, we’re the lighter fluid. Together, well, you get the idea.

Passion over perfection

We need to tell you something right now, perfectionism doesn’t belong in our version of photography. Why? Because we want to create images that evoke emotion and feeling, and perfect is kind of boring. Being passionate about what you do and knowing your intentions when you photograph are things we can get behind. It’s important to us that you play, have fun, and come away with images you are proud of.

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