Tony will be the first to tell you that PB has nothing to do with him. It was created for you.

As a professional photographer and photography educator for the past 18 years he realized photography education was beginning to meld into a one-size-fits-all approach.
At PB, we are not about that life, we want to help you put your fingerprints all over your work.
Tony's approach is strategic; through honesty, insight and a good dose of humor, he'll help bring YOU back into your photographs.

We might do things a little differently around here, so if you're into breaking the mold like we are, welcome home.

Having good gear is the icing on the cake to a photographer who has vision. While the gear doesn’t make the man, having the right equipment can absolutely make the process much more enjoyable. If you want to know what Tony loves and recommends, check out his gear page.

Tony's Gear Recommendations
For me, photography is the the cheapest form of therapy. My world melts away and worries of daily life no longer exist. I find that photography makes me present; it’s just my camera, my subject and me.


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This experience totally renewed and revitalized my love of photography. Tony was ever present, engaging and encouraging with his warm, affable way of teaching. The week helped to build confidence, encourage individual creativity, and ensure success.

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