Finding Focus Workshop: Student Work

Finding Focus Workshop: Student Work


I’ve tried to start this post a number of times but my attempts keep missing the mark.  Summing up the first ever Finding Focus workshop has proven a challenge and my excitement about the experience is preventing me from being able to distill my thoughts into coherent sentences.  I feel like an excited 9 year old, hopped up on Easter candy and trying to explain the plot of the newest superhero movie I just watched.

Alright….deep breaths….here it goes…..

I wanted something different in the world of workshops so I wiped the slate clean and built a new experience from the ground up. 

A hybrid created from years of mentoring and leading workshops, Finding Focus was like running 6, weeklong mentorships simultaneously in a beautiful location.  More shooting, more one-on-one time and more camaraderie were the foundation for the week and growth was the goal. 

The entire week was designed around understanding personal preferences while honing one’s way of seeing and communicating the world around them.  I can honestly say that I saw more risks taken, more obstacles cleared and more potential realized than any workshop I’ve been part of over the last 15 yrs. 

Demand far exceeded the 6 spots available so I offered a second week for some of those who didn’t make it in the first week.  My apologies to those who I couldn’t accommodate this year but you can rest assured that there will be another Finding Focus on the schedule for next year. 

Until then, check out the catalog below to get a glimpse of the fantastic work the Finding Focus students created.  I couldn’t be more proud of all of them.




Can’t get enough?  Click HERE to see more work from our talented students!

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