Amy M.

Tony has an uncanny ability to see you as a photographer – what you are drawn to and where you may be hiding or selling yourself short.  Through a simple exercise, he can pick up on what draws you to an image and what you want to express in your photography.  By reviewing your work, Tony helps you to see where you are succeeding in achieving your vision and challenges you to become a better photographer.

No matter your skill level, Tony meets you were you are as a photographer and encourages you to grow.  He makes a connection with each student, even in a group setting, and provides coaching specific to each person.

Through working with Tony, I have developed a clearer vision in my photography.  Getting a strong understanding of the technical stuff was an important first step, but as that became ingrained it took a back seat to seeing the images I want to create – approaching my photography with intention.  I now have an increased confidence and willingness to share my images – I actually want to get my work out there.

If you are willing to explore who you are as a photographer and grow, through his supportive approach, insight and direct feedback, Tony can help you achieve your goals.

Linda L.

Tim Cooper is an absolutely extraordinary teacher. I say this from the perspective of a college professor and an amateur photographer for over 35 years.

Good teaching involves clear, engaging presentations that make the complex both simple and memorable. Tim does that and much more. He brings in missing pieces of information and creates ah-ha moments with every topic.

What will surprise you is how much you will learn, how deeply your techniques will be enhanced, and how empowered you will be. And you will walk away with something more: the confidence to transform your photographic visions into reality.”


Who is this teacher, Tony?  Hard to define, but I will try!!!

Tony is a gifted, articulate, passionate, and caring teacher. He excels at teaching the basic technical skills in simple terms, using multiple visual  examples, and a sense of humor.

Tony, as a teacher, and now as a mentor, has changed my life. He has slowly and gently guided me through many technical hurdles, but more importantly, he has helped me discover and define the “feeling,” or mood,” that I want to portray.

The mentoring assignments Tony gives me are creative, challenging, and thought provoking. I am thinking more about foreground, size relationships, and the human element. I am looking for the light!!!

The individual critique sessions are positive, thoughtful, and are paramount in guiding me in the right direction. He points out the strengths of a photo, and how it could be improved.

I can see the dramatic change in my work. Sometimes I don’t even recognize my own photographs!!! I am witnessing the birth of my vision, all due to this warm, caring, brilliant photographer/mentor.


Gary O.

Tim is a terrific educator. He always goes the extra mile to make certain his audience gets spot on information and answers. Best of all, Tim is a real person. One that you can get to know. He has a great sense of humor and tremendous concern for making certain he always delivers his clients expectations.

Clay and Carla

Unquestionably the Photographer’s Breakthrough mentoring experience has been key to our development as photographers.

Under Tony’s guidance, our technical skills have improved significantly and we have each begun to recognize and hone our unique creative styles. 

Through individual personal assignments we are motivated to constantly work on our camera technique and refine our compositional and post processing skills.  Perhaps the most valuable learning tool is the follow up feedback on this homework. 

The mentoring program has been an excellent way for us to grow as photographers and artists and we have thoroughly enjoyed the process.