Washington, DC Workshop

Washington, DC Workshop

Spring is a favorite season for many photographers.  Warmer weather, longer days and new growth lure us from our winter doldrums and provide inspiration to once again create art. For sheer beauty and diversity of subject matter, one of the best springtime destinations I know is Washington, DC in early April. This year Tony and I had the pleasure of leading a workshop here.

While the famous Cherry Blossoms along the tidal basin get all the fanfare there is so much more to see and experience.  To begin with, the tidal basin is not the only location in DC to find this early bloomer.  The countless varieties can be found throughout the area punctuating courtyards and adorning cobblestoned streets. In addition to the incredible beauty of the Cherry Trees, Red Bud trees, Hyacinth, Tulips and Daffodils all add a splash of color to the emerging greens of this tee lined city.

For those who like architecture, DC can’t be beat. The federal buildings along with private masterpieces boggle the mind with their sheer scale, classic styles, and impossible intricacies. From the detailed artwork on the ceiling of the Library of Congress to the mesmerizing patterns of the underground metro stations, DC is playground for photographers who love lines.

Photographic motivation also comes in the form of thoughtful reflection. Visiting the memorials and monuments of some our country’s most trying times and greatest leaders produces both a sense of awe and inspiration.

Washington, DC is a moving and magnificent place to visit in spring. We can’t wait to repeat this workshop in 2018!  Thanks to all of the students who made the workshop great while supplying us with an endless source of inspiration!   Here’s a sample of some images I made during our visit to the nation’s capital.  Enjoy!


Reading Room, Library of Congress  ISO 2000, 16mm lens, 1/160 @f5


Escalator, Union Station  ISO 400, 24mm lens, 1/2 second @f6.3


Commuters, Union Station  ISO 400, 24mm lens, 1/10 @f8


WW II Memorial  ISO 100, 34mm Lens, 4 seconds @f6.3


Incoming Train, Metro Station ISO 800 14mm Lens, 1/6 @f5


Supreme Court  ISO 200 55mm Lens, 1/250 @f9


Statue and Ceiling, Library of Congress ISO 3200, 19mm Lens, 1/[email protected]


Metro Tracks  ISO 50, 38mm Lens, 1/5 @f22

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