Post Images to Instagram from Lightroom

Post Images to Instagram from Lightroom

Gone are the days when only smartphone pictures appear on Instagram. In recent years, it has become the de facto platform for all photographs.  For some reason though, Instagram still limits the ways in which we can upload our photos and edit our captions. In this article, I’ll show you an easy way to post images to Instagram directly from Lightroom.


My phone is rather small, and my fingers rather large.  So, I find it quite annoying to have to type in long sentences that include lots of different symbols and numbers on a smartphone. Typing out a caption on Instagram for my uploaded photos is an exercise in frustration.  Not only that, I rarely want to upload the few snapshots that I take with my iPhone.  I prefer my more deliberate attempts made with my Nikon D4s or Fuji XT-2.  These images, of course, all live on my computer-not my phone.  It’s much easier for me to post images to Instagram from Lightroom, rather than having to transfer them to my phone and then go through the upload process from there.


Thankfully there is a Lightroom plugin for folks like me (and you?).  It’s called LR/Instagram.  It’s a free download, but they suggest a whopping ten dollar, one-time registration fee if you find it useful.  Well worth the cost in my opinion.  Simply download the plugin, install it through Lightroom’s Publishing Manager and then authenticate with your Instagram account.  That’s it.  You are off and running.  Now to publish an image to Instagram, you just drag your image to the publish collection and hit Publish.  Done.  It’s that easy.  Let’s go through the steps:

1.First, navigate to the LR/Instagram Home Page by clicking here.

2. Scroll down to find and click the Download Button.

3. You’ll be prompted to designate a location to download the file. Your Downloads Folder is a fine place.

4. Once you’ve downloaded the file, scroll down on the download page to find video directions on how to install the plugin into Lightroom.

5.  When it’s installed, fill out your username and password in the Instagram Account panel.  Now you can tweak the settings for the image upload.  Here are my settings:

6. Click Save and you’re ready to go!

7.  If you copied my preferences, you can now locate your image  in the Library Module and add text to the Caption as seen below:

Once you’ve added your caption just drag the image on to the Instagram Publish Service:

Click on the Instagram Publish Service and then simply click the publish button.  That’s it!  Lightroom uploads and publishes your image.

Using this Plugin has saved me enormous amounts of time.  I hope that you find it as beneficial as I have!

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