The first in our new Breakthrough Artist Series

The first in our new Breakthrough Artist Series

It’s time to celebrate the work of some photographers that we’ve known for the last few years. You’ve seen their work before in Workshop catalogs and in our Breakthrough Artist publications. They continue to impress us with how hard they work and how much they grow each year as artists.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, our Breakthrough Artist series is one that celebrates different photographic artists throughout the year. They are people who inspire us with their work and that we can’t help but show to the world. They are each unique in their way and their photography is ever evolving.

To reintroduce the Breakthrough Artist series we thought we’d highlight three photographers that we’ve featured in the past and one that will be featured in a publication of her own in the very near future. Each photographer is involved in our Mentoring Program and we’ve seen jaw-dropping growth from them over the last year during our regular sessions. We thought that the best way to honor that growth was to show it to all of our readers and call it “The Mentorship Files.“

To see the great work from these four fine photographers (nice alliteration huh?) carve out 5 minutes in your schedule, get comfy and click on the publication below.

To find out how you can become part of the mentorship program just follow this handy dandy link.



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