Workshops give you the perfect environment to grow. They empower you to elevate your photographs, so you can be the photographer you were always meant to be.
Time with Tony

There are photographers, there are teachers, and then there is Tony. What does this mean for you? It means you’re signing up for the best of both worlds; Someone who understands what it means to be a photographer, the struggles and the triumphs,  but also someone who has the background and knowledge of helping thousands of students hone in on what makes them special.

ART OF STORY: Missoula Montana

August 10th-15th 2021


If you go with your instincts and keep your humor, creativity follows. With luck, success comes, too.
-Jimmy Buffett

We are a vision based workshop company.  What does that mean? Well, it means, you have a part in this too, no matter what your skill level, you bring the vision, and we’ll back you up; supporting you every step of the way to help you become the photographer we feel you deserve to be (with a little elbow grease, of course).

We want nothing more than for you to show up as yourself in your photography and in your life. We are excited to see what YOU bring to the table and we’re standing by ready to help you when you show up for your dreams.

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With guest photojournalist
Jeremy Lurgio

Jeremy Lurgio is a photojournalist and documentary photographer based in Missoula, Montana. His photography is driven by a passion for documenting people, places and stories.


His work has appeared in The New York Times, USA Today, the Seattle P-I, the Washington Post, the Chicago Tribune, National Geographic Adventure and Men’s Journal. He has become a regular contributor to both the Big Sky Journal and Montana Magazine.


Jeremy will be spending part of the week with us sharing his approach and offering insight in the field and during critique.

Why we chose art of story
You need to stick to stories that can be told.


Stories are at the core of who we are. From the earliest of ages, stories shape our understanding of ourselves and the world around us. As photographers, we are continually waiting for the perfect alignment of a subject, context, and moment to take the magic we see and communicate it to our audience. Stories can range from subtle or quirky to powerful and evocative. They can contain humans or succeed despite their absence. Understanding the story is essential to communicating your ideas more clearly, regardless of the subject matter. In the summer, Missoula is magic, but it’s truly next level in August when the fair comes to town. Come take advantage of all that our town has to offer, from farmers’ markets and ghost towns to fair rides at night. The stage is set. What stories will you tell?

Tony has the ability to first help find and then cultivate a photographer's interests and style. Keeping or breaking photographic rules is not the goal, this is about creating images we love ourselves and are proud to share with others.
-Paul Vargo
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