“I’m not afraid to look like an idiot”

Anthony Bourdain


You no doubt know that Anthony Bourdain has left us.


Truth be told, I’m not a longtime follower of his and only started “tuning in” recently.  He had an appeal which was hard to reconcile at first. Brash, rebellious and unapologetic were my immediate impressions but there was more than that wasn’t there?


Bourdain had many layers and he approached his subjects with all of them.  Curiosity, intelligence and humor were the weapons he’d wield and with them he seemed to be able to find his way around any guard.  Compassion for people and their conditions seemed to be at the core of what he did.


Through his show Parts Unknown, Bourdain used food as a vehicle to open doors and to connect you to stories of humanity and circumstance.  It made the people and their stories accessible and relatable and in the end made the world feel like a much smaller place.


I don’t know why but I’m feeling a loss that makes little sense to me.  Maybe it is just there to serve as a reminder that we need more storytellers out there.  Those who can make the world feel smaller. Those who can help connect us and help us understand things about which we knew little.  Those who inspire us to view the people of the world as our neighbors and to know no stranger.


So, maybe now it’s your turn.  Show me beauty that I didn’t know was there.  Tell me a story about something I don’t understand.  Connect me to someone I don’t yet know. Wear your heart not only on your sleeve, but in your photographs.


Photography is your vehicle.  We all have a voice that has value.  Make it heard and make the world feel smaller yet richer as a result.  



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