Happy Little Trees

Happy Little Trees

When I was and growing up in Hawaii we got 2 stations on TV and one of them was PBS.  Now, before you start picturing me spending my days watching educational programming and developing my world view, I should tell you that I never watched PBS because, like most kids, I thought the programming was “boring.”

Nothing could get me to turn the channel faster than that crazy, old, white man’s afro wearing, painter Bob Ross. Seriously, why would a 7 year old kid want to watch some dude paint “happy little trees” and tell me that they could be any way I wanted in my world?
Fast forward a few decades to a Montana day when my cable went out.  Searching for stations that came in on the “rabbit ears” antenna, I once again saw Bob Ross on TV but this time I stopped to see what I may have been missing all those years ago.

So, full disclosure, I’m no painter. Maybe that makes me easy to impress but if you’ve never seen this guy go from a blank canvas to a complete painting in 20 minutes you’ll be amazed. Beyond that, however, there’s so much to learn about creating better photographs from watching how he creates depth and uses light in paintings. I promise that if you watch all 20 plus minutes of this video, you will not only be entertained and amazed but you’ll learn things that will make you a better photographer. Think about light, shadow, near, far and how he can make a two dimensional canvas look three dimensional.

I dare you to watch just one episode!


If you want to re-discover the joy of photography, then join us on the Oregon Coast in 2016. (We promise we will photograph some happy littletrees.)



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