A look at Lightroom

A look at Lightroom


Ever wonder just how much you know about Lightroom? You might already know how to import your images and make a few adjustments, but how would it feel if you truly knew ALL the ins and outs? Pretty darned good that’s how it would feel.


If you are looking for a watered down Lightroom tutorial, look elsewhere! ‘Cause we’ve made the ultimate guide to Lightroom. We’ll walk you from start to finish in the Library and Develop Modules. It’s almost like having someone hold your hand.


Are you sitting there thinking “Hey, what about me!? I’m just starting out and I don’t know shinola!?!?!” No worries my friend, we’ve got your back. We start from zero, and will turn you into a Lightroom hero. We’re going to teach you how to use Lightroom as effectively and efficiently as humanly possible. If you want your workflow to go “pro-fesh”, then we’ve got the answer.


It’s easy to watch, and even easier to listen to thanks to Tim’s jolly yet ultra soothing voice (you’ll want to get a copy just for that alone.)


TO PURCHASE or just to ponder click HERE!


Did we mention you can take it on the go with you? Yep, just like Starbucks, but we promise to spell your name right.



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