Easy Peasy two step process.



Please read the items below and make sure you fully understand and are willing to adhere to each.



If there are areas you feel you need to improve on, please do so before the workshop starts.

Code of Conduct

We are committed to making every workshop experience a great one for all those involved. Our code of conduct is set to keep the experience a positive one. If for any reason you can’t uphold this code of conduct you may be asked to leave the workshop immediately and will receive no refund.


Being kind and respectful at all times is mandatory. Respecting others’ viewpoints and opinions is required. Nothing you do or say should harm any participant or instructors emotionally or physically. All forms of gossip or rudeness is unwelcome here. Please come with self awareness and good judgement.

Self Sufficient

You are fully responsible at all times to stay safe and healthy, choosing proper footwear and clothing for outings, and knowing the weather conditions. Staying hydrated and properly nourished and rested. Computer issues are not the responsibility of your instructor. Good problem solving skills are mandatory.


You are required to show up prepared for the week and for each shoot. You must arrive with a camera and laptop in good working order. Having extra cards and batteries at all times as well. Your cell phone must be in working order with the appropriate data plan and recommended apps in place.

Workshops are a time to grow creatively and learn new skills.  showing up with equipment issues changes your experience and the experience of your fellow participants. 


It is paramount to arrive with working equipment. Because of the busy nature of the workshop, time will not be spent fixing issues with your computer, Lightroom, hard drive or phone. Please make sure to show up with any issues resolved.


we mean business


Computer Requirements

Laptop in good working order with adequate space on hard drive and the latest version of OS. Newest version of Lightroom installed and working. A basic understanding of importing/exporting, selecting and flagging your images Lightroom. Have adequate space on your laptop hard drive (or external HD) and knowledge of use. Know how to use a flash drive.


Must have Knowledge

Know how to do the following: save pdfs to cell phone, take screenshot on phone, turn on your location services on your phone, use google maps. Easily find and download apps. Have the ability to text, call, email with appropriate international plan (for international workshops). Ability to use a ride sharing service.


Attendance Req's

Attendees are required to attend all lectures and critiques except in cases of emergency or illness. Partner/Spouse/Friends that are traveling with you are welcome to join us during the following; final slideshow and all shoot locations provided they are not photographing.



Please arrive on time to ALL scheduled events during the week as a sign of respect to your instructor and fellow students. If you are not on time, notify your instructor. You may miss pertinent information about your shoot location and possible itinerary changes if you arrive late.