Apply here for a spot in either the San Diego or Florence, Italy workshop. This is a very special experience which will change the way you view workshops.
  • The good news!

    This is an application process (NOT FIRST COME FIRST SERVED) so you don't have to race to fill out this form and you should give your answers some thought. My goal is to fill these workshops before general registration opens so all applicant's know if they have an opening in their calendar or if they will be joining me for Finding Focus 2019.
  • The "other" news

    The not so good news: there will be far more applicants than spots. Please don't let that stop you from signing up! I'll do my very best to accommodate demand for this workshop.
  • The process

    I'll go through each application and decide who will be part of the 2019 Finding Focus workshops. (The process may takes time and I hate disappointing people.) My goals is to focus on the strength of you application and my desire to put together a cohesive group of like minded people. In the case of overflow I may be able to offer other dates depending on my calendar and the enrollment of other workshops. Either way, you'll hear from me as soon as I've selected applicants.

    If accepted into the workshop, Tony will send you more information about the week. Our workshops require a $500 deposit upon acceptance of your application. Please read our new terms and conditions in the box below.